And for the working girl…

I’ve added a few chores recently, working on a few more and figured why not toss out there something for the working slave girl.  Ragged, worn, and patched this is a decent set of slave rags in a truer sense than what I have otherwise.  My other ones are a little nicer, these are scuffed up and perfect if you’re looking for something that isn’t too expensive.  I’m keeping these at a lower price (250L as of this writing) than my other sets but offering great options with it.

Tattered - All Colors

Tattered - All Colors

Each set has patched and plain versions included; two skirt layers, two tops, two flex prim skirts, and a prim coiled rope belt for the skirt layers in five different colors. Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, and Red.  No jewelry or anything like that to muck it up this time.

Can purchase them through Xstreet or at my main location all together in a fat pack or separately.


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