Happy Holidays!

Well the holiday season is in full swing and of course my place is full of things.  A special holiday carousel, tons of different trees, holiday drinks, food, a yule log, wreaths, teddy bear sculptures, lights.  It’s hard to list it all and you know I might have listed some before.  I add new things every once in awhile, new sculptured stockings that are just soooo cute.  I really love them, they look so great.

This past week I worked on some holiday freebie lovin that I put into some lucky present boxes under the tree not far from where you port in.  A set of holiday slippers, slave rags, and a set of the Lascivious silks in emerald are all placed within.  Sort of like a lucky chair but a present.  Your letter comes up and woot!  You win! 

I haven’t really settled on what else I’m going to be giving away this holiday, since I have the clothing thing covered I want to some up with something else for the other freebies.

More to come, and I’ll try to have an update soon.


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