And something a little blue….

Finished up a cute little ensemble made from different colors of blue and silver.  I don’t know why but blue got my attention for awhile, the varying shades and such.  These are “Ua Slave Rags”.  Now slave rags is a relative term because really there isn’t much ragged about this set, but they are a little more modest than “silks” so I just couldn’t call them that.

It comes with a lot of wear options.  Two different tops, a skirts, two different sets of armbands, bracelets, anklets, a draped cloth collar, a beaded belt and a little dangle for the skimpier of the two tops.  Priced reasonable I think at 350L, you can see it in world at my main location or purchase it on Xstreet HERE.

Outfits like this are nice for those that don’t like to wear a lot of prim attachments if they don’t want to because really they are not the focus of it, it’s simple though.

Ua Slave Rags

Ua Slave Rags


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