1 Prim Plants!

I love, simply adore, decorating and landscaping in Second Life.  It is one reason why I like building things for other people to be able to do so.  Making plants is always a little bit of a pain.  Just how many prims are you willing to waste on a tree, or some grass, or a flower?  Especially when you usually need quite a few to make it look decent, and prims are so very precious.  Hard to come by and let’s face it.  Most people aren’t going to want to buy more land just for some prims.

When the 1 prim sculptured alternative came around instead of the 3+ prims needed for most flowers and things I was ecstatic!  What a great thing!  I loved it and ached to be able to do the same thing.  I fumbled around in programs trying to make a sculpt map for it but to no avail so I wasn’t able to.

Until now!!  Oohhh I finally got them!  I’m soooooooo excited!  I have in the past day or so converted most of my holiday trees (even the blinkie ones) so that they are now only 1 PRIM!  I also have added new rows of flowers in the landscaping area, as well as a brand new set of herb plants!  I figured they’d be great for gardeners, role players, or for someone who wants something a little different than their neighbor.  Available on Xstreet in no copy, and at my main store in both copiable and no copy versions.

I have lots more coming soon and I’ll be converting my other trees to the 1 prim sculptured too.


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