A month?!

Wow!  It’s been a month since I updated this place?  Not good, not good at all… BUT I’ll have you know there’s been a lot of new fun things at the store in world.  Three new sets of clothing, and shoes to go with the Suadela silks.  Kamba Slave Rags is one offering in bright vibrant colors, rope belts around the waist and armbands with wooden beadwork in something a little less fancy.  With the multiple wear options it can be worn for dancing or for work.  Slave beads, a sculptured prim chest wrap, two belt options (one with long drape, one without), armbands, clothing top and skirt… all a part of the set and it’s priced at only 350L$!

Some new furniture as well but of course right now I’m up to my elbows in reworking the store for the holidays.

Kamba Slave Rags

Kamba Slave Rags

I don’t think I’m starting too early, but I need lots of elbow room to be able to get the trees out, the fun little things and of course I’m working on new content for this holiday season even after pulling out the classics from last year.

Gingerbread houses, and winter cabins have been added to a special holiday/winter vendor and more will be coming out this week.

I’ll write up more soon!!  Don’t forget, I just love love giving away freebies during the holidays so keep checkin back, I’ll be adding tons more over the next few months.  For all of you bargain hunters or lucky chair addicts I placed out a lucky chair with three different items in it.  Two different silks, and a set of shoes to go with one of the sets.  I’m going to be adding a pyramid game and probably a few other fun addons to give you guys something fun to do or to get!  Take care.


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