Branching out!

I have been soooooooooooo busy since the last time I wrote, personally and professionally, it isn’t a wonder that I haven’t found the time to come babble here on the blog.

First off I have some really interesting news, which will probably illicit a groan from some people, I have begun working on clothing and silks.  At one point a friend or two of mine has said to me that I should get into it, I usually countered that there are already FAR FAR too many silk creators or clothing merchants in SL.  To which I usually get a response from them along the lines of everyone having their own style and that it is one thing that everyone is always interested in seeing develop.  I guess that’s true, anyhow, the other day I was playing in my workshop and end up creating a set of silks along with some slippers to go with them.  No one is more surprised than myself and even more surprisingly I actually think they look pretty damn good!

This is my first attempt at making prim attachments or clothing and it has actually inspired me to try my hand at a few more… so now watch out, I am going to be branching out into something entirely new for me.  I’m a little nervous about it but I’m also excited! Here’s a picture to show you what I came up with and you can get them at my in world location or through SLX (newly named to Xstreet).

Second I have some new furniture and things to tempt you.  A set that is very desert/Moroccan themed again this time in deep dark greens and gorgeous wood accents.  Has very nice detailing.  A day bed with 26 couples sets, and a massage table (that I adore!) with 3 different massages in it.  Also tossed pillows, low table, and an armchair that you can snuggle into.  Can find it at my main store near the front port in spot.


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