Subscription service and update group

I’ve had an update group open for people to hear about offers and things since the beginning.  I never really have had a large group, a small number of customers who would come and go.  I have mulled over changing to a subscription service type thing so perhaps more people would be interested and not have to use up a precious group slot, or have annoying group chat.

Well I’ve finally gone ahead and gotten it done.  Down near the front of the store where you first port in there is a subscription kiosk.  Really easy to use, click the subscribe or unsubscribe button accordingly and you’re all set.

I’ll be sending updates, gifts, sale notices and all of that just like I do in my normal group… I don’t think I’ll close the group in Second Life.  If I have group discounts or something then it will still be needed since some scripts use groups for that sort of thing.

Take care and I hope everyone had a good weekend.


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