Freebie lovin and an upgrade!

It’s the weekend!! And with that lovely piece of news there’s been a lot going on at the store!  The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt kicks off today and my lil heart with a dagger through it isn’t that hard to find.  It’s near the landing point just take a peek up and you should see it without too many problems.  It has a few things in there, I couldn’t decide what to place… along with the fact that I was -trying- to have a little bit of everything so most can find a use for it.

A sexy little camisk is one of the included freebies in there which won’t be put out for sale till after the hunt is over with… can get a free copy now if you like and feel like dropping by.

The Lucky Tribe event through the Lucky Chair Company is supposed to be kicking off today around noon SL.  They’re being secretive about it but it sounds like it could be a lot of fun.  You play games and go round the grid to participating stores to earn kudos points.  As you earn points you can redeem them for prizes at stores that are in the event.  Both of the lucky chairs placed out at my store can earn kudos points.  A twist on the grid wide hunt idea with some added fun and challenges! Lucky Tribe teaser post.

I added a new little chore… a harvest bag.  Nothing too awful major really but a little accessory that you can use for role play or whatever.

Dance Pit Upgrade Offer: When I created the Desert Opulence Dance Pit I included a texture change option.  The script that was used for it worked alright but on a reset could end up wiping the thing clean so you couldn’t do  the texture change anymore.  This really isn’t a good thing… you are paying for that functionality and it shouldn’t get broken that easily.  I have since had the script redone and now it won’t.  Safe from resets and safe from lil LL or SL snafus unless they change something.

In this vein I am offering a FREE upgrade to the latest version of the dance pit.  Anyone that has this dance pit is welcome to send it in a folder along with a notecard with the name of the person to send the upgraded dance pit to and I’ll replace it free of charge.  Rename the folder to something like Dance Pit Upgrade Request.

Have a great weekend!


An apple a day….

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.

~Martin Luther

Last evening I planted my apple trees… well, sort of.  I have always loved trees and whenever I build my private home or have some land to play with one thing that tends to be rather integral is the landscaping.  I’m very particular, I don’t like flat and I don’t like cartoony unless I’m in a specific mood.  Generally I like having different kinds of ‘areas’ or spots to recline or spend time in whether alone or with the few friends that I have.  Tonight I released a set of apple or larma, if you’re so inclined, trees for landscaping and one that is a ‘chore’ I suppose.  A couple 1 prim sculptured apple trees that are copy/modify/no transfer so you can fill up your space and not look too crappy… building an orchard.  Then a 14 prim fuller tree which honestly… looks really good in my opinion for having so few prims.  It’s modify/transfer so you can make it bigger or smaller even.

Apple/Larma Picking Chore Set

Apple/Larma Picking Chore Set

The chore tree is a little smaller… 23 prims, it has a bushel set atop some crates at the base.  One thing that makes this apple/larma picking chore a little different than most that I have seen is that it has a few more options.  Along with the picking animation I embedded three lounging animations where you can sit on the crates kicked back beneath the tree.  So not only does it function as a work area… it also has the delightful option of being a lazy day relaxing area where you can sit.  I have been considering embedding another set of sits so more than one person can sit at it but I haven’t decided or gotten that far yet.  It can be purchased through Xstreet or at my store.  I also added a lil wheelbarrow with some sacks and a bushel of apples that you can pick up just for decor.  I really like it, and I hope ya’ll do too.

Other updates?  Ohhh… more grid hunts.  I have the Gorean Grid Hunt starting this weekend, and I have the Through the Looking Glass hunt on the 25th.  To be honest… *whispers real low*  I don’t have anything made for either of them yet.   *coughs and raises her voice again* The idea that I had for the TTLG hunt someone else is doing and I don’t want to be too similiar, so I’m a little unsure what to do for that one anyhow… but that one is further off, so I don’t feel that much pressure.  The Gorean hunt I’m sure I can whip something together.  I’d like to have something unique and not just something from my store in it but I might toss a few things in there.

I’m also involved in an event with the people who do the Lucky Chair stuff.  Shep has something new coming out and I’ve been selected to be in the first wave of testing for it.  Very cool, but that means I need to come up with a prize for that by friday too!  No rest for the wicked… or so I hear and damn it seems like it’s true enough for me.

So tons of freebies and things coming out this month for ya’ll who are interested between the three different hunts and such.

I finished the Kirtle/Camisk set too…. buuuuuuuuut I’m being naughty and holding onto that release for a wee bit while I work on the new store build!  I know, I’m terrible but I want a few new things for the opening, and yanno something… I fought with the textures for this outfit so badly that I am not in a huge rush at the moment.  I have all the ads and pics done, the outfit…. so that will be coming out SOON!

Until I get a bit of time to write again, I gotta get back to work!!  Be safe and have a lovely week.


Beauty in a simple garment

Last night very late before I was heading off to bed I released a new camisk.  It is a little different than what I generally release clothing

Zhen in Chocolate

Zhen in Chocolate

wise but it is something that I wanted to work on here and there anyhow.  I like camisks, simple… basic clothing that usually isn’t that expensive, along with the fact that if done right can be quite pretty.  Silks are nice, but not always practical… especially in laggy sims or around and about.  Zhen is available in 5 colors, Chocolate, Green, Red, Grape, and Blue.

I also released a new gardening chore… simpler than the large garden that I put out last week which has room for 5 workers, the gardening chore is a sculptured prim wheel barrow, a small set of plants, a few accessories and a gardening animation to work.  Can be placed just about anywhere really.

In other news I moved the main buildings of my store up into the sky at about 500 meters and I’m clearing the land beneath it to redo the layout.  For awhile the whole thing has been bothering me (which I think I’ve mentioned before in previous posts and announcements) but I haven’t been able to really work on it.  Part of it was because I just didn’t know what to do with everything while I was working.  It’s really not so good to be throwing prims around peoples heads as they try to browse through the store, and I really didn’t want to close down completely either.  The what if’s started… like… “what if I end up taking longer than I expected.”  or “what if I can’t get it right.”  Well at least if the bulk of it is up above then I can work in relative peace and hopefully unveil a new layout that will work better and be fun to be around.

One thing I’ve always prided myself upon and tried to do is make my place not so much a ‘store’, to make it not feel like a dull spiritless place of commerce but something that had a feeling… something that was relaxing as well as enjoyable even if you don’t buy a thing.  I didn’t want stale, and I’ve never wanted to be just like everyone else.  That’s one thing, I like to be unique at least on some level… which to be honest can be rather difficult within SL oddly enough.  And so that’s where that is at….  I’ll keep updates coming and hopefully when I get things set the way I like, I’ll reopen the main part of the store with some new stuff, new look, maybe a sale and other goodies.


New and exciting stuff

It’s been awhile since I wrote but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been putting things out.  One of the things about me is I am almost constantly putting out new items.  I end up putzing around in my workshop or unable to sleep… something new will come around and out of it.  The past bit after releasing the Flutterbee silks I’ve added a large garden with 5 different spots for workers, a sawing wood chore, and a potters set.

The potters set is rather nice I think.  It has a potters bench that’s a little different than the normal potters wheel, also there’s the kiln which I rather like… a few shelves and some accessories.  It can be bought in part or in whole at my store.

I have plans to be putting out some new clothes of course, and lots of things but I am swamped swamped swamped with plans lately.  I have three hunts coming up, and I have to redo the store.  In between I make little things or work on bigger things but it is these few things that I really need to crack down on and get done.  I am convinced that the creative process becomes a big old stumbling block when deadlines and expectations come up.

I am convinced because yanno… I have -no- idea what to make for these hunts.  *laughs*  I sincerely want to place something in for each of them that makes them worthwhile and something that ya’ll would want to have.  I definately want to make something that is more than just some ugly stinkin freebie…. sooooo now what.

Ahhhh I’ll think of something.  Anyhow…. keep checkin back, and even if you don’t see something here on the blog, there’s probably a really good bet that there is something new in the store anyhow.  Have a great weekend!


Get to work!

Yesterday I had a rather large release, four brand new chores for your role playing pleasure.  I was slaving away up in my workshop just to bring you something to do, aren’t I nice?  Great for slaves, Ironing Choresubmissives, or anyone who wants to add a little atmosphere to their area.  Of course they all are nicely detailed with embedded animations, no ugly poseballs on any of them!

Basically released a laundry set.. hanging clothes, washing clothes, and ironing.  Along the way I also did a sewing chore… so I suppose that goes right along with the theme eh?  Mending clothes?  I might be a little bit punchy because I’ve had so much on my plate lately and I don’t think it’s going to ease up… BUT I wouldn’t really know what to do with myself if it did.  I do prefer to have things to do than sitting around wondering what’s next.  I have lots more things on the horizon, chores and furniture… along with a really really beautiful set of silks that I am going to release soon.

I have the prim work done, now I just need to get the clothing textures done for the PG layers and the ad work done.  They really are lovely.  Lots and lots of little jewels sprinkled all over the skirts, and jewelry.  They’re lighter, probably that spring thing still has a hold of me but don’t worry, the next set that I am working on is going to be in darker colors I think.Laundry Chore

I alsoooooooooo have joined an RFL team.  I am going to be releasing one of the new sets of silks as an RFL only thing.  I’ve wanted to get involved with the RFL in SL for the last couple years but it always seemed like I’d miss half of it or something came up.  This year I really made sure to contact someone so I could.  I have a kiosk set up at the main store, and I’ll be releasing things very soon for it that you can only get through the RFL vendors.  I do the Relay for Life walk in real life every year, so it is no surprise really that I wanted to be involved in my Second Life too.

And if that wasn’t enough…  I’ve also joined a grid wide treasure hunt for May/June.  It’s the Through the Looking Glass Hunt.  So keep your eyes peeled for that, I’ll add more about that later on.  I’d like to get involved in more hunts if I can… they’re fun and a way to give away nifty lil things to people.  I’m trying my hand at getting into the next Gorean grid wide hunt but I haven’t heard back from them.

I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll do another update sooooooon!