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Over the years I’ve had so many questions posed to me that I can’t really recall all of them.  Here’s a brief write up of most things I think you need to know.

Roawenwood :: 13 years!

My mssgs do get capped, I get them in my email so most of the time I won’t miss them. If you’re leaving me a message about the store or a rental… please please leave me something more than… “hi.” I will answer every IM I get as soon as I am able but it is much easier if you leave me an idea of what you need. Notecards are my friend… if I don’t respond please contact me again… it probably wasn’t on purpose.

The ONLY residents associated with business dealings within the Roawenwood store group are:

Searlait Nitschke: Owner/Creator
Roawen Woodsheart
Roawenwood (Resident)

Anyone else claiming to be a part of the staff @ Roawenwood is fraudulent.


Gacha is completely random. It is a game of chance. I can’t guarentee you will receive a rare or ultra-rare item no matter how much money you plug into the machine. I can’t generally in good conscious give out rares/ultra-rares if you did not win them fairly. It would not be fair to the folks who have.

In the case of undelivered items transaction history and a SCREENSHOT of the chat text is required if you expect to get that item. I _WILL NOT_ accept copy/pasted text from the chat window as proof of your purchase. Only no transfer versions of rares will be given out in these instances.

Please be patient, Gacha events can be incredibly laggy and it may take a bit for the purchases to register.

I will not support third part transactions, purchasing from yard sales or marketplace extras that people sell after receiving them is at your own risk.

Gacha Trade In:

I’ve begun setting up a way for people to get no transfer versions of my gacha items without having to come to me, you get the choice.  Most people don’t like to and won’t anyhow, come to me or bother me about it but I do know there’s quite a few who’d rather do the no transfer thing.  Sure I could really probably make you guys only have no copy and get you to keep playing that darned machine to get decorative pieces or something but I think it’s nicer this way.

On a spot on my sim for select gacha’s you can go turn them in.  A server/vendor thing has been set up. Go there, landmark included in the package for the items you win, and then after unpacking the item rezz the no copy version.  You’ll get a message thanking you and poof it will disappear.  Don’t panic!  It should all things considering and no real hiccups then simultaneously send you a copiable no transfer version of the item you rezzed.  If for some reason it doesn’t and you see the lil message, along with the poofiness of the no copy item then contact me.  IM, notecard or email (email is included in the NC in the item) the system I’m using keeps a log of the items rezzed and who rezzed them so I can keep track or resend an item if it doesn’t go through.  As long as all of that is working right and I did test this, then it will be recorded and I can fix it.  I tested this quite a few times so I know it works.

Sales & Discounts – How the Vendor Calculates Them

My in world store has a 20% discount on products for group members for products over 5k L’s

If I have applied a greater discount, for example 50% off, the vendor system calculates and takes into account the greater discount value when a person purchases the item.

The vendor system in this instance will apply the 50% discount from the full purchase price, not the group discounted price. It calculates for the greatest amount that you will save, it will not give you a 50% discount on top of the 20% group discount.

Discounts do not stack, it chooses the one that will save you the most money and then applies it.

Purchases & Redelivery:

If it is a no copy type of item I don’t generally redeliver if there’s an issue.  This is a case by case basis.  Almost none of my product is no copy any longer so you should be able to get it back through a redelivery terminal at the landing.

There are redelivery terminals at the landing for the main store, and if you click a vendor the redelivery option also becomes available through the menu.

If you didn’t get it upon purchase, if you declined it by mistake but the transaction went through… you should be able to get your item no problem.

If you are having issues please send me a NC with the transaction history on it so I can look it up to verify.  In most cases I’ll try to have the vendor system redeliver it, if that doesn’t work I will manually


Since most of my items are no transfer there aren’t refunds for most product due to the nature of SL permissions.

If it’s no copy then it will be based on a case by case basis. In the event of gacha goof ups see the sections pertaining to them.

Would you consider some custom work, or doing ___insert idea here___.

I love new ideas.  I love feedback, even the bad because it helps me see things from a different perspective than my own.

If you have ideas or something you’d like seen or done… drop me a line.  I don’t mind in the least, will listen if I have the time but won’t make a promise probably on if or when I might take you up on it.  I do things as they come or when I can.

For this reason I don’t do custom jobs for the most part, I might take something you like and consider doing it but I don’t ‘hire’ my time out.  I just don’t have any time to be giving out anymore really. Way too busy.

Can I Blog for You?

I am one of the few who does not mind a blogger approaching me. In fact I prefer it.

When I approach bloggers bad things happen, if you like my stuff and want to apply or be considered to be sent occasional review copies contact me.

I’ll look over your blog, and we can talk.

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