Group/Store Benefits

A benefit for all and in general is discount tiers.

Spend 5,000L and you receive a 5% discount when shopping in world.

Spend 10,000L and you’ll receive a 10% discount on all purchases in world.

How does this work?  Spend the cash and as you buy things you will be refunded instantly based upon the tier level you are at.


Joining the in world Roawenwood group does have some benefits.  I’m working on this always and maximizing it if I can.

Some items are higher end and priced to reflect that.  In world group members receive a 20% discount on any item that is priced over 5,000L.

There would be two pay buttons, wear your group tag for the Roawenwood and purchase using the smaller amount receiving the discount.  Don’t wear the tag and you can’t.  Simple.

Technically I make this easy, I leave the group open enrollment… and no fee to join at this point.


Group members are also given special discounts on select new releases.

In world group members also can receive gifts on occasion through the group notices not available to anyone elsewhere.



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