Twisted Hunt

Soooo…. how’re you all doing?

It’s busy as usual around my place. Even when I say I’m not doing as much I still am which is kind of funny. Most people who know me think that I’m rather on the insane side. I swear, I’m slowing down and not working as much but they usually do one of those… ‘yea yea… sure.’

I don’t know why they’d think that. *blink blink*

This post will be a bit of a round up of newness from the beginning of this month.

Firstly we have We <3 RP.

Knitting and Sewing Pillow Set TXTAwesomeness abounds with some revisted favorites… some sewing fun.  I get a lot of feedback that my sets and different things like this are really the favorites from my store so we’re going with it with a little more gusto lately getting back to my roots… plus the things I enjoy rather than trying to accommodate for every one else. yay me!

There are two versions as there was before.  A stool and a pillow set.  Obviously the main difference is where you’re sitting. The stool is very cute, has a lot of options to change the color of the cushion and a lot of things to do.

I amp’d up the animations.  You can sew, embroider, sit, relax, have a cup of Knitting and Sewing Stool Set TXTcocoa or some tea.  There’s crocheting, knitting… it even has a few sits in it for the male types if they feel like taking a load off.  See I did try to think of everything, and I suppose you know… guys did sometimes have to sew.  Even if it might have been under duress it DID happen. Along with the cute lil stool you get rugs… two of em, braided and woven.  Then there’s some balls of yarn, a basket with sewing and knitting things in it.  A nice lil set. Use parts or the whole thing all weighing in at 1 to 2 LI.

Then there’s the pillow… you get a slightly modified version of the accessories, the quilt is shaded a lil different under the basket lol but you get the same rugs, balls of yarn and all… instead of the stool you get a…. well pillow.  Texture change for it too though not as many colors.  There are more sits and kneels sort of thing for the pillow so that it can be used for the slave types that need to do chores.  It has less crafty things… sewing, knitting and embroidery and sorry… no cocoa. I suppose I could have dug through and found the crosslegged one I have but I didn’t.

Each of them are out at display for We <3 RP, and each of them are at a 30% discount.

Take a taxi to get there

The second event thing is Twisted Summer RFL sort of benefit.  The people for Twisted hunt do a thing where they raise money for RFL during the summer, Cool right?Av Attach - Sweeping the Floors

Well the stuff I have for over there is a couple of cool things… It was Twisted Fairytales and while I didn’t twist it up too much I created a few pieces.  First since it always seems like there’s a lot of sweeping going on in stories from Cinderella to many other characters I did an av attach broom.  Chore-worthy something you wear and work anywhere. You know how it goes and how I’ve made these things… they’re usually favorites for people that like to be able to do things on their own.

It has 5 animations in it.  Sweeping for men and women, you click it to bring up a menu after wearing it and choose how you want to be. Woot.

Huntsman Camp SetSecondly I revamped up something I made awhile back but has not been available in the store… a camp set, this one is meant for huntsman or miscreants…. either way it works or for whoever. It’s got some good pieces and a real nice defensive perimeter LOL

Both sets are 100% donation to RFL during the event, I added some other vendors with donation set to RFL as well like I usually do.

TP me please, they says as they clicks the lil line in the text.

There’s also a freebie, a 100% freebie at the landing of the main store. But you have to find it. hehehe

I decided to get into a hunt, I know I haven’t been much lately but on occasion and I got to thinking… why not.  I mean really, this is a good way to get people around, and to give them something to do along with having a lil something to go home with.

It’s the Silk Road Hunt, so I made up a simple thing.

Spice baskets meant for a merchant but anyone could use them.

Spice Merchant Baskets - Hunt Gift

If you want them you need to come to the MAIN STORE, and hunt around the landing for the lil pergola thingie, click it and be rewarded. It’s not outside of 30 meters so don’t want too far.

That be about it for now… hope you’re having a great week.

Take care.






Twisted HUNT!!! A lil bit of fortune telling.

Haruspex TableTwisted Hunt has come around again. I always have fun trying to come up with something for it.

This time the theme that was suggested was Divination. I knew that it would be a popular one and the one thing that I also knew was that for the most part people think of the popular types. Astrology, Tarot, crystal balls. That sort of thing.  I do too so it isn’t anything off, and generally speaking… you know I’d love to make those things but because I wanted to do something a lil different I decided to think about what I might be able to do.

In an odd sort of way and with a weird streak I decided to make a table for the Haruspex.

I’ll give you a second to look that up if you’re not familiar with it…..

—- waits —–

Ok, I won’t make you look it up.  General definition, a haruspex is someone who looks at an animals entrails to divine the future, that sort of thing. Eww right? Yea, a practice not generally seen today one would hope but at one point and among a great many people it was a fairly regular practice.

So for this Twisted hunt we got a little bloody… but I hope you enjoy.  And yea… I also know that’s a lot of entrails, I was thinking along the lines of a sheep since that was fairly common animal to use for this sort of thing.

Out NOW at the main store in one of those twisty lil cubes.

I DO have decoys out with the prize not set for sale but there IS one that is set for sale.  Plus all my lil block piles. I haven’t exactly done a ton of decorating but a lil bit.

Will have souvenirs and a few things out and about throughout the month.  Have fun and don’t go too crazy doing the hunt.

Get yer taxi here


RP Cages with and without RLV along with a bit of Twisted Hunt fun

March is here and that means that there’s a new round of the We Luv RP event.  This go round I decided to captivate you with a new set of cages.  Recently I was asked about a long retired set I had done that had RLV capture in them.  They were hoping I still carried them, I honestly think they were retired a year or two ago.  So no, I don’t have them but it got me to thinking and getting around to doing this set that I have been putting off.  It was a good excuse.Mesh Sleep Cage & Kennel

Two different cage sets.  Each one stuffed full of animations for just about any emote you can think of, well I kept them clean.  I don’t really have much naughty stuff in it.  Sorry!  But I am considering making an adult version as well.  The first cage set is a sleeping cage/kennel type thing.  It has a mattress with pillow, rumpled up grungy blanket and a water bowl in the corner.  I kept these rather dark.  I wanted a real gritty feel to them.  This is NOT the type of cage a spoiled slave gets.  Each set has one that is scripted with only the animations and then another that has RLV capture and limits the ‘victims’ ability to TP, accept TP’s, sit elsewhere, that sort of thing so they are in essence ‘locked’ into place until freed.

Mesh Kennel & Holding CageAs an aside and random ramble?  I hate taking pictures of cages for posters, I can never get them the way I like.  They just don’t ever….. work.  Ok, so back onto the other ramblings.

The second cage set doesn’t have the lil bed, and doesn’t have a water bowl.  They’re titled a little differently.  Kennel yes but a holding cage.  Someplace a little less comfortable… nice of me huh?  Rumbled blanket still in it.  I just liked the blanket, decided both of them needed it.  However one small difference is that the holding cage has a bit of straw strewn along the flooring.  A little touch to make it a bit more…. homey?  I don’t know if I’d say homey but it surely doesn’t seem that comfortable to me.  I think after awhile those floor boards would make me sore. *nods slightly to this*

Each cage has 4 menus of embedded animations.  That means… no poseballs.  Right click and sit for the most part…. or onto the blanket since that is where they are located.  The holding cage set has 53 different animations!

The sleep cage has a slightly smaller count of 45 animations.  Some of the lying anims on the belly and such just looked funny to me in it.

You have everything from scratching your backside while kneeling to begging, pleading, crying, sitting, lying, sleeping.  You can be disrespectful looking or shy and demure or just kick back relaxing even.  I really did add a lot.

100% Mesh, modifiable and copy.

Available through the month at the We <3 RP event at a 40% discount!

>>>> So take your taxi to get there. <<<<

The other bit is Twisted Hunt.  Kicked off on the first to lots of people coming and wandering trying to find that damnable cube.  Advertised as the hardest hunt in SL it tends to frustrate hunters but it is usually worth the wait.Twisted Runecasters Rug

My offering for this round which is themed, Magick, is a Runecasters set.  A rug that can actually caste runes…. click and the lil buggers rezz for about 5 minutes.  You can do a reading or play around with it.


The set also includes a cushion so you can have seats around it if you like.

If you want it, it is available at the store but you gotta hunt for it.

I have a gacha at the landing as well… if you’re interested with alter things.  And I have planned a mini-hunt to open around the 15th.  Hopefully 5 gifts and up to 10 are in the works for you to find around the Roawenwood.  Something to look forward too!  Yay!

Hope you’re having a great week…. Talk to you soon!





Twisted Carnival Madness

The first was the kick off of the 13th (!) Twisted Hunt.  Hugeness everywhere and so many twisted or warped things to find or do along the hunt path. I know I’m running WAYYYYYYY late with my blog post but that doesn’t mean that I’m not super stoked to have been able to participate and sponsor the event!  I love love Twisted… and have so much out there for you to have fun with.

129 stores I think, and yours truly did what she always does.  Spoils the hunters rotten with gacha, souvenirs and a gift for both petite or normal sized avatars. Both of them are in theme with the Twisted Carnival.

I’m going to do something I don’t generally do… and I’m going to post the prizes.  Most of the time I like to tease a bit… ‘if you wanna know you gotta find it.’  But since I’m so late in getting this out there maybe a little bit of guilt is mixed in there. heh

The prize for…. “normal” avs….. is a very cool set that is fun if you’re looking to play around.  Yanno, goof off…. or something along those lines.  Not sure what kind of use you might find for it but you know sometimes the stories I hear.  You’d be shocked by what people come up with but then again, maybe not… *snickers*

Twisted Tight Rope Walking – Yepp, I did a tight rope set.  I don’t think I’ve really seen this out there that much, and yanno I’m a rp fanatic.  Love the idea of creating scenes and things so now we have something fun to play with.  Walk across the tight rope that is stretched between the supports or do a handstand…. you can hang upside down and if you lose your footing dangle precariously above the ground below.  Now the twisted part?  I don’t believe in nets… really… who wants a net?  So we have burning embers or spikes…. or both!  I suppose I could have been nice with the net and all but well…… nah. The burning stuff and spikes are all optional, not linked to the main part so really you can decide what to do with it if you want.

The set also includes some straw bales with a few sits for spectators or for hanging out.

The second prize is for petites.  Petite Mesh Avatars and the like are a little bit of a soft spot for me, love the things.  Love bouncing around as one but I don’t that often.  I should more often probably.  Now as far as my twisted offering I worked on a wagon.  Carnie wagon for those traveling folks to set up camp.  I didn’t overly furnish it… but there is a stove inside the wagon, along with more straw bales to sit on.  Same ones for the tight rope, just sized down and adjusted.  The wagon itself has an awning the can be opened or closed with a lil click.  I know that isn’t outright twisted but it is pretty damn cool if you ask me.  I like how it turned out.  I’m not sure if I’ll do more with it really.  I thought about tricking it out some and making a set for the store… because it seems a shame to have it disappear after the hunt but some might not mind that so much huh.  There’s a small lantern over the seats in front with stained glass… decent texturing and a nice look.  I think it could be a fun addition to most people’s spots if they like.

I have a lot of lil things.  Souvenirs are a favorite of mine.  Like to make up things using those twisted boxes.  This go round I put out a knapsack again, actually saw someone in group chat mention they were hoping that I would do another one.  Kinda could make it a tradition maybe…. twisted cube knapsack so you can traipse around with em.  Then a top hat decked out with a couple roses and the cubes.  Last souvenir is a sack full of em…. then you dive in!  That one you can’t wear of course but it is fun if you like that sort of thing.

Then there’s the gacha.  See I told you I did a lot.

The gacha items are sized for normal avs.

A set of crates that are for sitting on but really it is at your own risk.  Sit on one and you might be tossed up in the air.  Sit on another and it will swallow you up…. there’s 5 of the bad boys waiting for you to try your hand at it.  The rares for the gacha have all 5 of the funky warped sits along with a few others, drunken singing and ground sits so you can play around with em.  I’m not ever quite sure what to put in for gacha, say that often enough but thought these might be fun.  I personally think the one that drags you inside the crate is a good one. *laughs*  Clawing at the ground as you’re dragged across it…. it’s awesome.

So what else would you like to see for the Twisted fun?  Sales, gifts, prizes, games…. I hope ya’ll enjoy the hunt and are having a great week.

Talk to you soon.