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New Twisted Goodness & Holiday Decor

Happy hump day everyone!! Oi, yanno how can you say… happy… mid-week?  I know, because now we’re at the second part of the week or will be and we’re closer to the weekend!  Yay!

Long ago in a storefront far far away I used to do Hump Day Happenin events where there was updates or special lil offers for groupies, friends, customers and the like each week.  I had because of time constraints or just an overload of freekin grid hunts gave up on the concept some however I have been rethinking it a little and considering…. maybe, just maybe reviving the old tradition.  Might not be all bad eh?  I’m not sure yet.  Maybe.

Anyhow, today there are a few updates for the week so far… Twisted Krissmuss goodness which means inexpensive and transferrable.  There is stuff on the display that hasn’t been highlighted on the blog so you should come check it out.  I wanna make sure I show off my latest first.  *beams*  It’s a decent ensemble in my opinion.

Suzanne is something of a period piece, Victorian inspired outfit with overcoat, bonnet and shoulder cape.  The outfit includes a fur muff for you to wear with an AO in it so you can have your hands kept warm when wandering or outdoors.  Walk is included in the AO which makes it that much better.  There is also a caroling av attachment as an added bonus.  Song book that on attach plays a singing animation along with moving the mouth so you look like you’re singing.  A nice lil bit for the season.


Available in 4 colors: blue, red, black and brown it can be worn in different places I would think.  Modest enough for a free woman in Gor as well perhaps?  Rigged mesh it moves with you.

Other lovely items are at the landing too that was just released.  A set of holiday trees.  Two versions.  One that is decorated very nicely and the other with just garland, and twinkling lights for the lighter look.

I’m going to wrap up the post because well…. my attention keeps getting diverted from rl stuff and all.  Not that easy to write up things when that happens.  Will write again soon.  Take care *grins*



The little things…

Sometimes we take comfort in the little things within our role-play and in our lives.  Something as simple as a wayward breeze, or the feeling of a brush running through our hair.  This week I’m releasing a new grooming area.  Something with a bit more detail than a vanity combining various activities like painting your toenails, brushing your hair, primping, putting on lipstick… that sort of thing.  It also has sets to relax with a friend, and for them to brush your hair for you.

The lavish kennel I released awhile back is what got me to thinking about it.  Along the front of it there was an area that was left open.  I fiddled around with baskets and different small vanities thinking that the feel of the kennel was a place to ‘live’, to sort of be when not in service.  With that in mind it seemed like someone who had such rich apartments might also have a place to get ready to see their owner or to remain well groomed.  It would seem logically that one who is meant to be kept in such finery would also be very careful of how they look and are presented.  I had half thought of releasing it all together but then realized that it could also stand alone.  Either added to the kennel if one chose or something for a corner somewhere within their home perhaps.

The set comes with various accessories.  A little plant, pitcher, folded cloths, and perfume tray.  It has 10 animations for the individual, and then 4 sets for two.  The sets for two include gossiping, lounging, relaxing, and then the hair brushing.  The 10 singles anims vary from brushing your hair, to shaving, to journaling even.  I figured why not.  Combining and making it interesting, more depth and giving more opportunity for you.

I really like it.  Rich colors, nicely detailed, it rezzes props for different positions.  For example a full make-up set is rezzed when you are working with the anims for lipstick etc.  It can be tested at the main store.  I will probably place it with the grooming and bath things, and perhaps a box over near the lavish kennel display on Splinter’d.  It does go with it rather well as an added accessory.  The whole thing is copiable.  Inventory loss lately has been running rampant with customers so this is sort of a new thing… but one I think that will make it easier.  Now I just need to get some vendors set up so you can gift or give to other people too.

As a promotional introductory special I went and put the grooming furs into a limited buy vendor box, 15 copies of it will be sold at half price but only 15.  After that it locks down and you’re going to have to get it at full.  A very good deal, and never know when it will run out so if you are curious or want it… should check it out.

Last week I released a fun little camisk type number that borders on the too cute for me.  I called it Daisy Mae, it’s available in pink, yellow, and blue with another color… a silvery grey in the lucky chairs at the moment.  I may or may not sell the silvery one.  I haven’t decided but for now until I do it is in the lucky chair. It includes the camisk top, cute lil ruffled panties, short babydoll skirts, and sculptured socks to wear.  The socks have a part that are on the alpha layer that viewer two compatible viewers use, though I did include a shoe form for people who don’t use one.  But you should find something that uses alpha layers if you can.  It really is one of the good things that has been tossed out there.

Along with this as an added yay! thing I went and placed the second half of the Livia Gown in White & Silver on the marketplace.  (The other half is in the lucky chairs and won’t be sold)  However the fun part is… I discounted it (Only 145L), and it will NOT be for sale in world.  It is only available on the marketplace.

I’ve been keeping terribly busy, continuing to bring you what I can… and actually getting a lot accomplished.  A new hunt… the Darkness Inside started a lil bits back and I have a prize out for it.  There’s another starting the 16th that I am a part of too.  So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Hope you’ve had an awesome week…. till next time!


Roman Inspiration – the Livia Gown

The Livia gown is a Roman inspired dress that has a whole lot of options to wear.  I created it with some very deep dark colors, along with a few lighter shades. Each gown has the option to be worn with either a cropped top or a full length one that covers up all that belly.  Shoulder drapes or a sash that wears like a cloak almost.  When I was trying to make up the posters I really had a tough time.  Between the gloves and then the arm wraps… the two different tops, the drapes, and all of that when you start to mix and match you begin to realize how versatile it could be.  Formal or a little less formal depending on what accessories you wear.

When I began putting it together I started seeing other outfits using some of this as a base so I might very well be creating ohhhh one or two more things.  I can see some silks… maybe some harem pants?  I think I might also flirt around with an idea that I have seen tossed out there.  There’s a person or two who’s said that creators constantly create full outfits and they’d like to see some separates offered so they can choose colors or different ways to wear it, spending their lindens in that way.  With this outfit it has me thinking a little… about maybe offering some of it like that.  I’m not sure but I might try it.  We’ll see.

There’s 8 colors for sale; Black & Silver, Black & Gold, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White & Gold….  the lucky chair at the moment has a version of the white with silver trim… but only the cropped top, not the full one or the extra shoulder sash. If you’re a groupie a very special limited edition color that won’t be for sale ever was sent out today.  Only groupies can get that one… I’m trying to make the group something ya’ll find useful 😉

I hope everyone is having a great weekend…. and I’ll talk to you soon!


More ale wench!

Have a bawdy tavern?  Medieval fare?  My latest outfit fits right in!

Aptly named “Tavern Wench” the dress comes in two variants.  In richly textured brown or black with corset and blouse.  The outfit includes arm frills, panties, glitch pants, two different skirts, corset, and the blouse in off white.  I’ve been wearing it actually… and that’s saying something.  I tend to avoid wearing my own clothing.  I know… odd quirk but one I can’t quite shake.Tavern Wench - Black

Along with the two base dress colors I decided to put the blouse/corset combo out in 6 different shades for those who either don’t want the dress…. OR want some color options besides the off white.  I even did a fat pack for this one so you can get a 25% discount by purchasing all of the blouses at once.  Though I will be honest… the off white is only available if you purchase the dress.

We’re also having a secret sale.  You guys are so great and put up with all of my flaky personality quirks I just have to give something back when I can.  Here’s the deal…. Pick whatever it is you want in the store and get a 50% refund.  Some of you have been around long enough to see me do this… well I’m going to ramp it up and do it again.

Been looking at anything in particular?  Big, small, you name it… I’m going to let you get it on 2 (TWO!) items.  It doesn’t mean you have to buy 2 things.  You can just buy one thing and decide, meh nothing else I want ORRRRR you can take advantage of me and pick another item.  I can’t help myself, I like to be taken advantage of on occasion.  *snickers*

Tavern Wench - Fat PackWHAT YOU DO:  Purchase the items, make me a copy of your transaction history on a notecard.  Send the notecard to me named something along the lines of: Hump Day Secret Sale, (avatar name here), 6/9/10

MAKE SURE TO RENAME IT.  You don’t want me loosing it now do you?  I’ll get all refunds back to people as soon as I am able barring problems with SL, internet and you know the drill.  ((cannot be used in conjuction with gift certificates or other offers))

I’ll keep this running through Friday so anything you buy from right NOW until 11:59pm SLT 6/11 you can get a special 50% refund on up to two items from Roawenwood at the main location (Five Blades sim)

Have a good one and hope your week is going well!