We Luv Trees – November Round for We <3 RP

So this month I was working on this set of things to do some work round our SL. You know they are fun for me… lil created scenes to place however….autumn-fire-trees

I ran into some issues.

Don’t you hate when that happens? Luckily I had some things in the works already that didn’t create any issues. Now see that I like, I can deal with that, and yes I was thankful that I was thinking ahead a small bit.  The tension and stress was managed… and we have…….


Eye popping colorful Autumn Trees! I know that it is getting a lil late in the season for them but I do like them quite a bit. They turned out good, and while I still want to do a spring/summer variation right now what we have is a set of 8 trees.  Four different color leaves on the branches, and two different types of trunks.  Two trunks, or three… rising up with these awesomely bright colorful branches.

I am hoping you love them as much as I do.

Opening today!!

ONLY 315L for the set – 30% discount for the round.

For this month at WE <3 ROLE PLAY



October Picks Contest Winner!

Hey!! Guess what?

I did it.

Picked the contest winner for the last month. You know as an aside here, I haven’t been talking much again and it’s partly because as weird as it’s going to sound my days and nights are all backwards. I’ve been staying up so late then sleeping during the day often that I haven’t really been writing or communicating. Sounds weird doesn’t it? Does to me.  Like… if I’m up at night writing on the blog or doing store announcements it is the ‘wrong’ time? As if I’ll be bothering someone because it’s night time for me… though really it is day time elsewhere somewhere always right?

Obviously… I am just rambling here… aren’t you glad that we take these little trips inside my head? It’s always a lil busy in there.

Anyhow!! I picked the contest winner…. This month we have… *waits for the drum roll, doesn’t hear one and remembers yea she can’t play drums and didn’t hire anyone to either… clears her throat, whips out a sheet of paper squinting at it because you know she can’t even read her own handwriting… this is why she types… and begins to make faces trying to sound out the words that follow.*

No… no that’s not it… *she half mumbles to herself*

J…. Ji… oh! Jilly.  Yes it says Jilly. *proudly points to the paper waving it back and forth so you can’t really read it anyhow face bright for a moment before again concentrating, brow furrows which kind of sucks because she’ll get wrinkles if she keeps doing that and sounds out the last name.*

I got it!

This month’s winner is Jilly Zimermann!!

YAY!!! Congratulations Jilly. I will be sending along your winnings… 2500L and a 2500L gift certificate that you can use or give away to whoever you want for the main store!

The list has now been WIPED CLEAN!  Come down, click the sign near where you land to be put on the list, put Roawenwood in your picks and you’re all set till the end of the month when I pick someone new.

Thank you, thank you… you’ve been a grand audience. Now go on about your normal day and I’ll get back to work, writing, living and laughing.

New things coming.

Please take care and be safe.


Treasure Chest — the very first round!

I know that most of you have heard of subscription boxes like the Luxebox.  There’s a few around, some new ones starting and yours truly has got into one.  The concept for this one is a role-play oriented Subscription Box event with a Fantasy, Steampunk, Post Apocalyptic and Sci-fi theme.

Every month 15 of the grids best designers will be bringing you completely exclusive, original creations only available through the chest and we’re one of them!

Starting from the 1st of October you can sign up by joining the Treasure Chest SL group (group joiner at our main store or the Treasure Chest HQ!) for L$1500 and on the 15th you’ll be sent the October chest with everything from the involved designers in it. You can also join the group after the chests contents have been revealed on the 15th for L$3000 to get the months chest if you’d rather know what you’re getting first and don’t mind paying more for it.

The designers producing amazing new creations for Octobers chest are:-

Casa del Shai
Chimeric Arts and Fashions
Enfant Terrible
Fallen Gods Inc.
The Forge
oOo Studio
~*Souzou Eien*~
Wasabi Pills

To learn more check out the Treasure Chest website at www.TreasureChestSL.com or visit the Treasure Chest HQ using the below SLURL where you can sign up for this months chest, join the information group, add yourself to the subscriber list or get older chests once they’re released.

Treasure Chest HQ


Spankin Good

New event! New things!

I decided to try my hand at Kinky Monthly, an event where you are bound to find something to have that special night or day or whatever you’re looking for spiced up a wee bit. Since I decided to give it a go I worked on a chair. ninette-spanking-chairA very nice looking chair I think, it’s something of a favorite sort… the style. Classic looking, I kept the frame black, have had similar in the store before but then changed it up with some really rich dark coloring.

The fabrics used are purple, blue, and black. You get three different color options in the pack using a texture change HUD, where you can take the scripts out.  Just keep the base product backed up somewhere so you can rezz new copies.

I really like the fabrics. There’s a pretty picture on the back. To me it looks elegant, refined, something feminine but could be for anyone.

As far as animations there are 5 menus and 30 couples sets.  Discipline, Over the Knee, Attendance, Submission, Aftercare.  There is a 6 part spanking sequence to act out, with 12 spanks total in the chair itself.  There are cuddles, teaching, talking, relaxing… lots of things to play with.

Along with all of those there are 15 singles animations so you can use the chair regardless if you have a play friend to help you out for both male and female avatars.

A really nice piece, used to have things along this line but haven’t in a very long while. So enjoy!! And get it at a really decent price right now at Kinky Monthly.

Take a Taxi to Kinky Monthly!!


Stone Throne for The Fantasy Collective

So I was playing around in my modeling program.  A lil bit of this, a lil bit of that, playing with sculpting tools. Experimenting really… kind of like, “soooo if I do this and stretch this this way, and then dab over here….” imagine me staring intently at the einarr-stone-thronemonitor, leaning in… ohh wince, yea that didn’t work quite like how I wanted but you know.

In the process of playing I did this….. thing.  It’s kind of like a chair. Kind of, and there’s this base.  While I was working on it I started thinking it’d be kind of cool for a clunky throne. My vision was draped in furs but I end up using some velvet instead with some really bold colors.  I had considered the rugged North or other places where a Viking lord looks over his home or something… I don’t know.  Really I’m just babbling on here but still.  I don’t know if it would work for that or not but it’s something different.

A couple sweeping drapes decorate the oversized chair part and a fur along the base. I kinda like it.  A bit too specific or niche for most people I’d wager. It would look very cool in an outdoors setting but could be elsewhere too, rugged, and all. Who knows, people usually surprise me when it comes to what they might do with something I create.

Anyhow… want to know what it’s got?  This throne is pretty good. Male-Dom oriented though really.  On the outset it has singles animations for up to three people. The dominant male who reclines and sits in the throne itself then two submissives, one on either side of the dias part.  7 animations he can choose from and each girl can choose from 8 different ones. For her there are kneels, a sit or so but mostly submissive postures.  The poses for the girls are lockguard compatible and should be able to have particle chains from the collar to the ring.

After that we have 98 different couples sets with 14 different menus.  There’s naughty and nice menus, play… dancing!  Dancing! I love dancing, but yes…. floor dances for him to watch, some steamy flirty stands to tease, and a lap dance so you can writhe in his lap.  There’s a menu just for interaction with Master with specific sets that work here… cuddles and things on the softer side too…. there’s a discipline menu with a whole spanking scene along with other spanks, and a flogging scene where there’s some teasing involved.  Obviously sex, foreplay, blow jobs, cunnilingus, among other things. Tons going on, tons of options. Really awesome stuff to play with if you’re in the mood or you can just relax and sit.

A threesome menu… room for a male dominant with his two girls from sitting, cuddling and then to some sex… there’s also a couple sets that are two men and one female but only 2.

So like I said… good stuff and lots of options.  People seem to like options but then again not too many or it gets overwhelming.  Now where can you get this?

This is the item I placed out for this months Fantasy Collective.  You can only get it there through this month, though there is an incentive even beyond that.

I have it at a 25% discount for the round.

Yepp, figured why not.

So go… get, if you like it, if not… wait and see what I come up with next!

Taxi — Fantasy Collective